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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'4" 260lbs; Atlanta, Georgia

A popular grappler who uses "Back In Black" by AC/DC as his entrance music, and uses the "Mind Eraser" superkick as his finisher. "The Razor" believes in only one color... black. Steve Blades comes to the ring dressed in black wrestling tights with "The Razor" written in silver down the left leg, silver knee pads, black wrestling boots, and his wrists wrapped in silver tape. "The Razor" also wears a black T-shirt that reads "Razor" on the front and "Warning: Pain and Destruction are on the way" on the back. He removes the shirt once it's time for action. Steve is a very well built man, standing nearly 6'5'' with his boots on. "The Razor" has an excellent shaped chest showing rippling pecs, rockhard abs, and a set of arms you could crack walnuts with. Mr. Blades has the tattoo of a Cobra on his right bicep, sports a military type crew cut, and steel green eyes that seem to stick into people like draggers.

Steve Blades was in born in Atlanta, GA on July 23, 1972. The son of an Atlanta City police officer, Steve was brought up in the strictest of households. After graduating from high school, "The Razor" joined the U.S. Air Force, where he was a member of the Combat Control Unit and a Fighter Weapons troop. Steve left the Air Force after 4 years to join up with the police department in Washington D.C. Life went well for Mr. Blades in the Washington police department, having earned several commendations for Valor, outstanding achievement, and a promotion to the rank of Sergeant in 4 years, until his partner was killed in a gun fight with a group of fugitives on the run from the police. "The Razor", not wanting to see another one of his friends killed in such a gruesome manner again, left the Washington police and returned to Atlanta to put his life back together.

While at peace living in Atlanta, Steve still wanted some action in his life. Steve had always been a big fan of professional wrestling since he was a kid, wanting to be the heavyweight champion of the world. After hearing the stories of his Uncle being in professional wrestling, Steve set out to live up to his dream. He entered the world of professional wrestling in the Fans Wrestling Federation, under the name of "B-Onez", finding it difficult to win matches thanks to corrupt leadership of the federation. "The Razor" moved to the Cyber Wrestling Organization and Georgia Regional Wrestling, also under the name "B-Onez", where he found some moderate success thanks to clean leadership. Then times got a little tough for the man once known as "B-Onez", having little time to compete and no success in the Seattle Wrestling Federation and Golden State Wrestling, "The Razor" decided it was time for a change. Steve Blades decided that the "B-Onez" character was not catching on with the fans, so a new name was in order. Steve came up with "The Razor" nickname due to the smoothness and the fact that it seemed to attract attention from the fans. He went to Georgia Championship Wrestling as a tag-team with his partner and friend Duke Halley, but after only one match Duke was injured in a car accident and the tag-team was no more. After the end of his tag-team alliance with Halley, "The Razor" heard that Georgia Regional Wrestling had once again re-opened its doors and Steve knew that GRW was the place to be. "The Razor" found the GRW to be an instant success winning his first wrestling title in the form of the Atlanta City Championship. However the GRW once again closed its doors and Steve Blades was out of wrestling. With the closing of the GRW, "The Razor" made an attempt to return to the squared circle by heading to Bluegrass Wrestling; but "The Razor" felt tired and worn out from his days in the ring and decided to retire in early 2000. His retirement took "The Razor" to Cold Lake, Canada, where Steve was able to relax and enjoy his new life fishing and spending time with his girlfriend, Katherine. "The Razor's" retirement time in Canada was short spent however, when Katherine was killed in a freak boating accident. Saddened and alone, Steve felt it best to leave Cold Lake, return to the States and settle down in Phoenix, AZ until he could clear his mind. Through the next year, Blades had a difficult time overcoming the death of his beloved girlfriend, but after a short fight with alcoholism and endless empty days of solitude Steve finally manage to come to his senses with the help of an old friend by the name of Duke Halley. Halley made "The Razor" realize that Katherine's death, while an unfortunate accident, shouldn't keep Steve from moving on forward. "The Razor" having finally overcome his internal emotions of Katherine sets his sights on returning to the form he had when the GRW closed. Blades trained in the Arizona desert with Halley for a year and a half improving his strength and coordination and focusing his mind once again on returning to wrestling. In late July 2001, "The Razor" was working out in his favorite gym in downtown Phoenix when he noticed a message on the bulletin board announcing the return of the GRW. Blades decided that this was his chance to return to the ring and the profession he left behind 2 years ago. The former Atlanta City champion is ready to take on all comers, clear-headed and focused, and this time no one will stand in his way.