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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'5" 265lbs; Panama City, Florida

A fan favorite brawler who uses "Trust" by Megadeth as his entrance music, and uses the "Wild Ride" running, inverted powerbomb as his finisher. Calavaria has short black hair, thick black eyebrows, light brown eyes, a clean shaven face, and light brown skin. His body is in excellent condition and has no scars or tattoos, but scars may appear as his career develops. Chris also has no earrings or any other pierced body part like most professional wrestlers do nowadays. Chris is also a basic when it comes to clothes; blue jeans, boots, and a shirt of some kind; nothing too fancy. In the ring he wears black tights that have white flames going up the legs, black knee pads, black elbow pads, white tape around his fists, and white wrestling boots.

Calavaria was born on November 11, 1977 in Jacksonville, Florida. His father was Mexican and his mother was Canadian. The two met in Texas while traveling through America and feel in love, and then eventually moved to Jacksonville, Florida. After getting jobs and a home, the young couple had their first child, Chris Calavaria.

Chris didn't a hard life, but it wasn't a piece of cake either. Kids would pick on him because his mother was Canadian and his father was Mexican, but Chris didn't let it bother him. His family didn't have much money either, so Chris never did get to wear real nice clothes. The thing that hurt the most was that Chris wasn't all that smart is school; he had a hard time making the grades his parents wanted him to make, but he somehow managed to graduate and escape the pressure.

After high school, Chris decided not to go to college and started looking for a job. He quickly left home and moved to Panama City, Florida. Finding a job was extremely hard, but Chris found a job at a small chemical plant. He worked there for a few months until the chemical plant shut down.

While out of a job, Chris started to look for ads in newspapers. What he found was something that sounded interesting; he found an ad about wrestling. A small, very slam wrestling promotion was starting up in his hometown and they needed talented men to wrestle. It was a hundred bucks a match; Chris knew the money was not all that good, but the challenge of wrestling sounded interesting.

Chris went down to the small gym where this small promotion was having tryouts but did not make it to the fed, however, the promoter liked what he saw and put Chris in a local wrestling school for free. Chris began to work hard to become a wrestler and many thought he was a good performer; he was an excellent brawler. After about a year, the small wrestling school got a letter from GRW, Georgia Regional Wrestling, a small but very respected and legendary promotion. They said that GRW was reopening and the could use Chris Calavaria.

It didn't take long for Chris to head up to Georgia to check out what "Bulldog" Bob Lane had to offer. Chris liked what they had to offer him and liked the idea of wrestling for GRW. Chris Calavaria now has a new challenge; can he make it, or "get over" with the fans as they say? Or will Chris fail like many younger superstars have done in the past? Only time will tell...

Chris Calavaria is a wrestlers that goes by the rules at all times; you will never hear him curse or act childish. He respects what past wrestlers have done for this sport and tries to live out his dream as well as keep the sport alive for future wrestlers. Chris respects every wrestler that steps into the ring, even if they spit in his face or stab him in the back. Chris never drops his guard or snaps in or out of the ring. He normally keeps his cool and waits till he gets in the ring to take care of his business. Chris is the type of guy who will still be outside signing autographs for the fans even way after the other wrestlers are gone. All in all, Chris is a great wrestler, husband, and father.