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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6' 225lbs; Atlantic City, New Jersey

A rulebreaking high flyer who uses "Money Talks" by AC/DC as his entrance music, and uses the "Money Maker" frog splash as his finisher. He's the tag team partner of "The Rich One" Steve Greedy. Cash wears long dark green tights, black kneepads, black boots, black elbowpads on each arm, black wrist tape along with a dark green vest with a glittering dollar sign on the back and green wrap-around shades. He has a muscular build, is well tanned and toned. He has dark blue eyes and long jet black hair that hangs down past his shoulders.

Frankie Cash first made a name for himself in the small Coastal Wrestling from Florida, but would soon move on to Sourthern Championship Wrestling. He formed a tag-team with "8-Ball" Vic Garibaldi and they would go on to turn on and defeat fellow Family members the Mafia to claim the Mid Atlantic tag-team titles. They would drop the titles to FREEK and Static Rule shortly thereafter, but Cash rebounded by teaming with "Big K" Tony Kabaal to recapture the gold. An injury to Kabaal left Cash without a partner so enter Johnny Dice. Dice and Cash would become known as the High Rollers and along with "Playboy" Ric Donavan form the PlayPen Stable. Eventually joined by Rick Showboat, the PlayPen enjoyed great success in the SCW. Nothing good ever lasts however and eventually Cash tired of his role in the PlayPen and left SCW, and spent a short period in the GRW, before leaving it as well. After a long vacation from the ring, Cash returned to action with new tag-team partner K.C. Sunshine as the New Flamboyants. They are currently wrestling in the IWF/WOW and enjoying moderate success.