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Georgia Regional Wrestling

MISSISSIPPI MAULER (6'2" 255lbs; Chavlin, MS)
BILOXI BRUISER (6'4" 342lbs; Biloxi, MS)

A neutral tag team that uses "Mr Saturday Night Special" by Lynyrd Skynyrd as their entrance music, and use the "The Delta Dump" slingshot suplex and flying leg drop combo as their finisher.

The Mississippi Mauler is a solid technician. Although he thoroughly enjoys brawling, he is much better at taking people down with vicious and calculated manuvers. He's an artist almost. Picking a particular part of the body and working it until it's exposure ultimately leads to the opponents downfall. He was initially a rulebreaker like his partner, and he will do what it takes to win the match -- and the fans seem to really have taken to this style. However, he is a bit less inclined not to break the rules like his partner is. He would rather rub a clean cut victory in the face of an opponent. The Mauler is in great condition. He's well defined but has a very natural build, and not overly huge. Has big pecs and biceps and will not hesitate to flex for the crowd. His legs are also proportionate to his upper torso, so that in fact he does look balanced. Obviously Mauler has spent a decent amount of time in the sun as he's got a good tan going. He wears a black mask with several different green neon delta shapes designed into the mask. It's more "designed" than the more simple mask of his partner. Mauler wears black trunks with the words "Mississippi Mauler" written in neon dark green on the back. He also has white taped wrists and shiney black toned boots. The Mississippi Mauler is relatively new in the business, but was taken under the wing of veteran wrestler... The Biloxi Bruiser... to form the Delta Destroyers. Although only wrestling professionally for a year, the Mississippi Mauler has wrestled for several different promotions, most notably the MVW, where he captured the promotions version of the tag-team title in the summer of 2001. Dividing his time between Mohawk Valley Wrestling and Georgia Regional Wrestling, he is hoping to become a dual champion and bring new respect to the tag-team industry.

The Biloxi Bruiser is a heavy brawler, with a decent skill set. He really knows how to use what he has and use it well he does. Relies primarily on wearing down his opponent with painful manuvers. He's a clear cut rulebreaker, and will use and do whatever it takes to win the match and the gold if on the line. Will get himself DQ'ed if it means he and his partner will make their point of who the most dominant tag-team is in the industry. The Biloxi Buiser is in shape, but not super toned. Enough to know that he is extremely powerful. Big torso, and arms. Thick legs and a very thick neck. Somewhat tan and no visible marks, tatooes or scars. The Bruiser wears a black mask and orange mask He sports black and orange tights His boots are a two toned shined black... and orange. He wears white taped wrists and one gray stretched pad/brace over right elbow. He also wears black kneepads. He comes to the ring wearing a white towel around his neck. The Bruiser is a veteran in the business around some of the smaller territories -- felt that there were a lack of respectable and dominant tag-teams in the industry. Discovered and trained the Mississippi Mauler. Formed the Delta Destroyers in mid 2000 and competed in the now defunct Pro-Wrestling of the Carribean before surfacing in several other defunct regional promotions. Has and continues to have tremendous success and following in Mohawk Valley Wrestling as co-holder of the tag-team title with the Mississippi Mauler. Now travelling to Georgia to compete for the territory's top title and solidify their place as regional wrestlings most dominant duo.

Feeling that the art of tag-team wrestling is taken lightly by the professional wrestling community, the Delta Destroyers have taken it upon themselves to bring respect and understanding to the craft. Their look and attitude in the ring pays tribute to the great tag-teams of days past and present.