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Georgia Regional Wrestling

WICK (6'7" 275lbs; Nashville, TN)
VOLCANO (7' 325lbs; Nashville, TN)

A heel tag team that uses "Your Disease" by Saliva as their entrance music, and use the "Total Domination" 3D as their finisher. Wick has long, dirty blonde hair, a dark goatee, and a scarred-up forehead. He also has a barbed-wire tattoo around his left arm. Volcano has long blonde hair, usually tied into a ponytail, is clean shaven, and has no visible tattoos.

Dominatio consists of two young but grizzled veterans, who have pretty much done it all. Have competed in several different feds, all with top-notch reputations. Have been tag team champs in GRW and SCW. They are definitely looking to add to their impressive record. They are two angry, mad at the world people. They are two guys who for the most part forsake grace and flashiness for the pure enjoyment of inflicting pain on their opponents.