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Georgia Regional Wrestling

5'10" 212lbs; Henston, Missouri

A fan favorite high flyer who uses "Hooker With a Penis" by Tool as his entrance music, and uses the "Evans Avenger" top rope diamond-cutter as his finisher. Evans has a strong built with a mild tan. Very old school with his classic black shorts, black knee pads and black ankle high boots. He wears white tape around his wrists- something he had become accustomed to when shoot wrestling in Japan for a year. He has green eyes and shaven blonde hair- due to his early receiding hairline. He is always grinning, but it doesn't seem like a grin... more of a radiant smile which is reflective of his positive attitude.

Evans was raised in Missouri, and lived with his parents until he was 17, when he left for Japan to take the first steps in fulfilling his life long ambition... to be a pro wrestler. In Japan he began to learn his trade through shoot wrestling for little or nothing. After a year he was noticed by a regular spectator during an impressive win streak. That regular spectator was Commissioner Lenn Legend of the GSPW. Legend offered Evans a minor contract with GSPW as a jobber, but after a few matches, all of which Evans lost, the fans took a liking to him giving him momentum. About two months later, right before GSPW closed down, Evans defeated "Awesome" Eric Funk for the GSPW Flyweight Championship, half fulfilling his dreams. All that's left now is to win another title... and this time maintain it.

Evans is the tag team partner of Velmot Tobin. Together him and Tobin are known as The Powered and Glorious, and they use the "Sweet Supremacy" total elimination (leaping reverse roundhouse kick and a simultaneous diving leg sweep onto the same opponent at the same time) as their tag team finisher. Evans and Tobin watch each others backs... if their partner is being attacked then they will aid their partner as soon as possible. They usually set each other up for a manuever... they are very united and fluid as a team.

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