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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'5" 290lbs; Dallas, Texas

A fan favorite powerhouse who uses "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf as his entrance music, and uses the "Stunner" flying clothesline as his finisher. Ferguson wears long black trunks and black boots. He was born in the village of Greenock in Scotland. He grew up in the USA, in Dallas, because his parents moved to the States when he was four years old. Barry is active in the wrestling business for about twelve years now. He wrestled all over the world, from Japan to Germany, from Great Britain to Scandinavia. He is very experienced. He is called 'No- Nonsense' Barry Ferguson because he likes to keep it plain and simple in and outside the ring. His wrestling skills are limited but he is a great brawler who never gives up in the ring. His strength is incredible and he has a great heart. He backs away from nobody. He hates everything glamorous in the business like weird gimmicks, glamorous girls at ringside, masks etc.etc. and he likes to dissociate himself from that kind of stuff. Two and a half years ago he returned to the States after a four-year period in Japan. He signed a contract with the GRW and had a marvellous time over there. Unfortunately the GRW closed its doors after a while and Barry left and started a wrestling school in Dallas, his hometown. By that time he had already reached the star status in this city, and not only because of his wrestling. Ferguson, son of a working class family, has always been proud of his origin and altough he has earned good money in this sport, he still lives in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Dallas which earns him a lot of respect. Before his return to the GRW Ferguson wrestled in different countries now and then besides training youngsters in his wrestling school. Ferguson is a tough customer who gives two hundred percent in the ring.His gimmick is that he has none.