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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'1" 210lbs; New Orleans, Louisiana

A rulebreaking techinician who uses "Country Grammar" by Nelly as his entrance music, and uses the "Bankrupt" DDT as his finisher. He's the tag team partner of Frankie "The Flash" Cash. Greedy is the tradtional pretty boy blonde type. Has money and shows it. Wears shades, suits and so on. Blonde hair, blue eyes, good tan. Real good looking individual... and very cocky.

Greedy grew up poor and now he is rich. Wasn't orginally into wrestling, but after he made his money got bored. Got hurt his first time in wrestling, but won the cage match and now is back to try and make a huge mark. He is a heel to the fullest. Very cocky and very manipulating. He might act like he likes you, but he likes nobody. Greedy loves to be precise and intense when he is using a high impact move, but his main style is mat wrestling and submission. The only thing he really can't do is go hardcore... he gets hurt to easy and despises hardcore!