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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'4" 285lbs; Atlanta, Georgia

A fan favorite powerhouse who uses "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath as his entrance music, and uses the "Shotgun Press" modified bearhug slam as his finisher. Gunz wears a pair of deep blue, full length wrestling tights. Down the right leg a black panther seems to almost cling to Logan's extremity for dear life, his long white incisors flaring... down the left leg the word "GUNZ" in simple black lettering. Across the back of his tights, also in black lettering are the words "Pao-Do", which translated from the Chinese means, "The Way Of The Panther". Generally complementing this attire is a t-shirt with one of the various slogans that Logan uses, a pair of black boots, black gloves on his hands, and a blue bandanna tied around his head that reads "GUNZ" across the forehead. Once the bell rings Logan discards the shirt and bandanna...leaving the rest of his attire intact.

If the size of one man's heart determined the size of his body, Logan Gunz would be 20 feet tall. Broad and powerful, Logan Gunz has always fought the odds. His trademark steel green eyes tell the story of a man who's intensity is like none that has ever been matched in the wrestling world. His head always clean shaven, and a goatee growing around his mouth, "The Gunz" has become the epitomy of the word "warrior". He strives only for the utter domination of his opponents... and to satisfy the hunger that lurks inside him. Gunz has a panther tatooed on both of his arms, signifying his spiritual essence. His body screams "powerful" with his broad set of shoulders, thick arms and legs, and no discernable neck.

Logan Gunz was born in Atlanta, Georgia on April 1, 1974. He was the first child of Steve and Heather Gunz, a poor couple that struggled just to make the ends meet. Steve was an alcoholic, an abuser, and a thief. Heather was a kind woman, and a faithful wife... when she and Steve married she had no idea of the monster that he truly was. They say that "love is blind" and truly in this case it was. Heather did her best to keep their small family together despite Steve dissapearing for days at a time, constantly having to bail her husband out of jail, enduring savage beatings on an almost nightly basis, and the constant stream of "less than desirables" that Steve continually ran in and out of their small shack. Steve and Heather would have 2 more children, Jonathon and Misty.

Shortly after the birth of Misty in 1981, Heather finally decided that she couldn't take it anymore. One stormy evening in August she packed up her children and left while Steve was out with his friends... it was the worst mistake she ever made. Being a single mother with 4 children wasn't easy, her parents had disowned her for marrying a man such as her husband, and she was never allowed to have any friends. She and her young family moved into a two room, rat-infested apartment. Heather performed odd-jobs, worked as a waitress, anything that she could do to make enough money to keep 4 hungry mouths fed.

Early in 1982, Logan was awakened by gunshots in the night. Only 7 years old and already the "protector" of his younger siblings, he stepped out of his room to investigate exactly what had happened... what he saw would change his life forever. Police reports indicate that Heather Gunz had made numerous complaints regarding threats made upon her by her estranged husband, Steve finally made good on these threats as he and his young wife both lay dead on the floor before their 7 year old son. Steve apparently had come to the small apartment in a drunken rage and shot Heather 4 times in the chest before turning the gun on himself. The sight of his parents laying in their own blood left an permanent scar upon the psyche of Logan Gunz.

He and his brothers and sister were taken into custody of the state and shipped off to an orphanage. In less than a year, Jonathon was adopted by a wealthy family in the north Atlanta area. Logan, however, became labeled as a problem child. Fits of anger and rage often overcame him on a regular basis. He became abusive towards other children, and became more and more withdrawn from the rest of society to the point that the only person he would communicate with was his younger sister, Misty. Logan being a emotionally troubled child, Misty having some severe medical problems, neither of them was ever adopted and they spent the next 10 years bouncing around the system.

When Logan turned 17 years old, he was released from state custody. Having never had much of a family life, and still fighting inner-demons that brought on huge fits of rage and anger, Logan took to the only thing that his father was ever able to teach him... the streets. By the age of 18 he was well on his way to becoming what he despised most in life, Steve Gunz. But, everything took a turn for the better upon a chance meeting with someone who was willing to help Logan take control of the animal that lurked inside him.  Chow Doc Nguyen was a Chinese national and a martial arts instructor, only in Atlanta for a few days to watch his son compete in the "Battle of Atlanta" martial arts exhibition when he happened to sit next to a young Logan Gunz on a city bus. Logan was highly troubled, and Nguyen sensed this immediately. However, different from almost everyone else that had ever encountered Logan, Nguyen began to attempt to search his soul.

Gunz resisted at first, but as the ride grew longer... his resistance grew weaker. By the end of the ride, Logan found himself telling Chow things that he never thought he would be able to impart to anyone outside of Misty. A friendship grew between the two over the next two days, Chow becoming the father figure that Logan never had. Nguyen realized that unless someone intervened, that Gunz was on the path to destruction. One night, during a walk down an Atlanta sidestreet, Gunz's life took a turn for the better.  Nguyen agreed to come to Atlanta to help Logan with his problems, under the condition that Logan would one day re-pay the favor.

So it began, Nguyen began training Gunz in the ancient Chinese art of kung-fu. Not only in the fighting skills, but in the mental discipline... it would be through this discipline that Logan would find his salvation. Over the next year Logan began to learn to control the rage inside of himself, an entity which he and Nguyen referred to as "the panther" because of Logan's cat-like green eyes, and his overall demeanor when he became angry. Chow helped Logan turn that anger into intensity, and to channel it to his advantage. After a year, Chow's visa expired and he returned to China... having forever changed the course of Logan Gunz.

When Logan turned 18, he took legal guardianship over his now 11 year old sister... and the two set out to "make it" in this world. For the next 6 years life was a struggle. Logan took up fighting in illegal "pit-fighting" tournaments to make extra cash... and that's where it happened. In March of 1998, Logan was spotted by a scout from a small independent organization known as the FWF, and signed a modest contract to compete for them.

Success came quickly for Logan Gunz, capturing the FWF Intercontinental Title in only his second career match, and running off an impressive winning streak that earned him the # 22 ranking in J. Harper's "Top 50 Wrestling Moments of '98". The fans took immediately to Logan. His intensity and never-say-die attitude endeared him to the people, he was not arrogant or flamboyant... he was just Logan... a common person like all of them. His meteoric rise to fame did come with a price though as he became resented by several of the FWF's established stars and was forced out by management under pressure of a wrestler boycott.

Now unemployed once again, it didn't take long for him to find work once more. In May he was contacted by Dr. Nick Armstrong of the CWO and signed on. Once again... finding success was no problem for Logan as he captured the Television title in his 3rd ever CWO bout. Logan also made his first friend in the wrestling business in the CWO, a young Italian competitor by the name of Scarface. Gunz and 'Face became fast friends, their common bond being raised on the "mean streets". They, along with Bounty Hunter, Jammin', and Night would come together to ressurect the CWO's most legendary stable... "The Lethal Enforcers". For the next 3 months they would dominate the CWO, much to the fans delight, as at one time 3 of the 4 singles titles were held by members of the LE.

While working for CWO, Gunz also began competing in a regional promotion out of Georgia run by "Bulldog" Bob Lane, Georgia Regional Wrestling. Two weeks after debuting, Logan would capture the Georgia State Title in a one night tournament to fill the vacated championship, and on June 19, 1998 would capture his first major championship by defeating Angel Reaper for the Southern States Championship. GRW merged with several other regional promotions to re-form the legendary Southern Championship Wrestling, and Gunz was named the SCW Southern States Champion. Gunz would hold the title for an astounding 113 days, surpassing the feats of Brody Thunder and Christopher Stonebreaker.

However, CWO closed, and Lane left the SCW... which caused Logan to fall out of favor with the promoters, and so Logan devoted full time to his 3rd employer, "The National Wrestling Council", where he competed until recently. Logan's luck was less than great in the NWC. Despite compiling a 15-1-1 record in his year and a half stay there, Logan never captured a title. Tragedy has struck him several times in the NWC, including a major injury, the kidnapping of his sister by a stable known as "The Elite", and being double-crossed by his own brother, Jonathon.

Logan, in 1999, would lead the ressurgence of GRW and capture his second GRW Georgia State title, the only man ever to accomplish this feat. However, the promotion and Logan Gunz would soon fall on hard times as GRW would fold before Gunz was able to avenge his loss to Toshio Nakemura and his fiance' Destiny would leave him in the summer of 2000. Gunz has floated aimlessly for the better part of the last 2 years... but his return to his home territory could prove just the shot in the arm that his career needs. What does the future hold for "The Warrior" Logan Gunz, only time will tell. However, with the fans behind him and his drive and determination intact, the sky is the limit.

Gunz is an introspective warrior, and a loner... that is how to best describe Logan Gunz. Never backing down from a challenge, and always concerned with upholding his own "honor" has made Logan Gunz many enemies. His gimmick is simple, he doesn't have one. Logan believes that the ring, not the interview room, is where the matches are won. He translates that into the burning fire and intensity that sets "The Annihilator" apart from the rest of his competition.