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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'3" 251lbs; Crystal City, Texas

A neutral, brawling technician who uses "Wiser Time" by the Black Crowes as his entrance music, and uses the "Hard Days Night" cradle-suplex brainbuster as his finisher. Haggarty is a strikingly good looking man, with a distinctive chin and sharp green eyes. He has shoulder length blonde/brown hair and carries a good days worth of stubble on his face. Haggarty is in excellent shape. Extremely toned and a good deal of muscle to be seen. You can tell by looking at him that he has a tremendous amount of strength. To the ring Haggarty wears red trunks with a black outlined design of a dog's growling face on the back. He also wears red cowboy boots with white trim, two red knee pads and taped white wrists.

Haggarty began his career on the independent curcuit with his tag-team partner "Crazy" Karl Flood. Formally known as the Brew Crew, they quickly captured gold in some of the lesser known promotions. Their style was a good mesh of skill and brute strength. Their aggressive and raw ability allowed them to dominate opponents but never truly challenged them. It was after six months that they began searching for a promotion with stability and direction. They came to Southern Championship Wrestling and immediately took the company by storm. Developing into one of the most hated duos in SCW histroy they, along with their Hot House stable mates began a year long fued with the most popular of groups -- The Graveyard of Hope. Although only capturing SCW gold one time, the tag-team still gained tremendous success in a back and forth battle that would culminate in a war games style match with their arch enemy. A bloody and brutal match -- the final result ended in a draw and the feud was never settled. They then left SCW, never to return.

In that time, they continued to test the waters elsewhere, travelling to Japan and competing in the now defunct SJPW, all the while wrestling on the independent circuit and capturing gold. It was in that time that Haggarty became disgruntled with the politics and inner circles of the professional wrestling world. His frustration and impatience lead to him to part company with Flood and set out on a singles career.

His first stop was the recently defunct UEW, where he feuded with the likes of Alex Extreme, Chris Hopper, Jesse Muldoon and most notably Alex Martinez. Making runs at both the promotions versions of the Television and Americas titles, Haggarty never was able to capture gold. Back room alliances and foul play were a constant factor to deal with. Ironically, he was running a parallel course with another former SCW star who had been experiencing the same tactics and back-room deals of the cut-throat UEW, "Southern Gentleman" Tommy Lane. Together they decided to team up and form their own duo -- "Southern Justice". However only after a few short weeks, both Haggarty and Lane left the UEW in disgust and never returned again.

After that Haggarty returned to SCW to take on a position in their front office. Some say he has never wrestled since then while others claim he moonlighted as a vicious masked wrestler on the regional circuit. No one really knows for sure at this point. We do know that he has returned however to rekindle his promising singles career and take the Georgia Region by storm.

The proverbial "Bad Cowboy". Haggarty has sought out on a personal vendetta against many in the professional wrestling industry. The goal -- to simply hand out his own brand of justice, using whatever means necessary.