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Georgia Regional Wrestling

5'9" 248lbs; Yokohama, Japan
Managed by J.Tsuruta

A heel martial artist who uses "The Mystery of Chessboxin'" by Wu-Tang Clan as his entrance music, and uses the "Napalm" back splash as his finisher. Hayabashi is a Japanese grappler in solid physical conditioning. Hayabashi has a stocky somewhat pudgy build which betrays his quickness. His body is characterized by a set of broad shoulders, prominent pectorals, muscular yet undefined biceps and triceps, a solid keg-like stomach, and stubby, thick legs. His hair is jet black and close-cropped. He wears a well-trimmed goatee. He wears a pair of solid black pants, slightly flaired at the bottom and a pair of red and black traditional ring boots.

Hayabashi's background is virtually unknown. Discovered in Japan by manager J. Tsuruta, Hayabashi was brought to America to compete. Hayabashi enjoyed a brief stint in the short-lived Big-Time Real Action Wrestling League [BRAWL], teaming with another Tsuruta protege', Serpentine. After a career hiatus, Hayabashi has decided to return to active ring status. He is the silent assassin for J. Tsuruta, a virtual pawn in Tsuruta's demented plan to prove Japanese dominance. Hayabashi says little, shows emotion even less.

Hayabashi's manager is J. Tsuruta, a slim yet cunning looking man of Japanese descent, in his mid-thirties. He has close-cropped hair, and is perenially adorned in Armani suits, silk ties, and expensive shoes. He carries around a metal briefcase at all times. Tsuruta is shrewd and relentless, hell bent on proving Japanese dominance, particularly in the ring. Despite his relatively small stature [5'6", 135 lbs.], Tsuruta should not be taken lightly... he is a black belt level martial artist capable of defending himself.