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Georgia Regional Wrestling

5'10" 220lbs; Lyon, France

A fan favorite highflyer who uses "Fire On High" by ELO as his entrance music, and uses the "Guillotine" flying flipping neckbreaker as his finisher. LeRoux has short black hair, blue eyes, is slightly muscular, and very trim.

LeRoux learned to fight on the streets of France, and in bars to earn money after his father's death in a factory accident. An older retired professional wrestler saw him and his risky style during one of these bar brawls, and offered to train him how to "really fight". In this way, he learned the technical aspect of the wrestling business. After appearing on a few local cards to prove he had the right stuff to make it in the ring. Winning the French National Title, LeRoux moved on to the United States when his mother started to become ill. Leaving her in the care of his sister, he knew that bigger paydays were to be had across the Atlantic. With bigger paydays, perhaps his mother could find the medicine needed to heal her. He competed in the GRW, where he is a former champion. LeRoux loves the fans, and has a strong French accent.