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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'6" 269bs; Jersey City, New Jersey

A neutral powerhouse who uses "Full Nelson" by Limp Bizkit as his entrance music, and uses the "Ultimate Answer" fisherman suplex lift into a screwdriver style piledriver as his finisher. Page has a six pack, 20-inch pythons, and a scar right next to his left eye. Page has blue eyes (they are contacts, the real color of his eyes are brown) with brown hair with blonde tips. He comes down to the ring wearing red, white and blue wrestling tights.

Chris Page was born on December 24, 1977 and has always grew up being a fan of wrestling. He told everyone that he was gonna make it big someday and they all didn't believe him. So Page at the age of 16 left home and went looking for work overseas. He was known as Rockin' Robin overseas and got no reaction what so all. Page then became infuriated and came back at the age of 19 to the US where he joined many small federations as Rockin' Robin.

But he didn't get his break til he joined the NWS as Easy C. He was hated in the NWS cause of the sick mind he had. He won the United States and Southern States Title. He was then forced into a Loser Leaves NWS match. The President picked his opponent just minutes before the match happened and it was Tiger. Tiger and Easy C were friends but they gave it there all and the match last 40 minutes. Easy C had Tiger down but then out of no where H2O came out and hit Easy C with a lead pipe knocking him out.

Easy C then left NWS and supposedly gave up wrestling til one day he showed up in SCW. He came in as Easy C but later became friends with Derek Sweger and he changed over to Chris Page. In the SCW he was known for being the only person to win the SCW Brass Knux Title 3 times. Then SCW and WWW merged together and made GPW.

Meanwhile Page was in a fed called GCWO and had a feud with Johnny Holiday, Ace of Hearts, Andy Slauenwhite, and Canadian Crisis while he, Kopecky and Deabcle tried to fight them off. Page won the World Title there and lost the belt to Andy Slauenwhite within a week. After losing the belt, Page disappeared from the GCWO. Page just stayed in the back and really didnt associate with anyone. Then something snapped inside Page and he came out and climbed the ladder of the Regional Title. Page was then forced to give up the title for ending the career of Andrew Bailey. Page only grew more hatred and then he went after the World Title. In the process he took out Priest Noble and Eugene Robinson. Page was then set for a Title Match against MJV. MJV hit three superkicks on Page to knock him out. Page then complained of a fast count and then challenged MJV to a ladder cage match where Page climbed the ladder rung by rung to win the World Title.

Page then held the belt for one month in GPW and broke every rule possible, not defending the belt fairly once. Then at SG, Page was upset when none other than Eugene Robinson showed back up and shocked the world. Page was completely distracted with his presence on the outside thus therefore losing the title to Tommy Gunn.

After SCW closed down Page joined the ranks of the UEW. Page was undefeated with his stay in the company. Now Page is looking to conquer more land and what better place to do it then here in UEW.

Chris Page is a high intensity wrestler who doesn't mind sacrificing his body to perform a move on his opponent. Page takes carnage to the next level and will never ever submit or tap out as he would rather pass out. He loves to mix it up in the ring and he loves to do power moves in very extreme measures. He is a daredevil and doesnt care if he gets hurt while doing a move. He loves pain. Also, everytime he gets hit with a big move, a smile comes across his face.