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Georgia Regional Wrestling

NYKOLAS STONE (6'11" 350lbs; Chicago, IL)
BOBBY CARLISLE (6'4" 220lbs; Harlem, NY)

A heel tag team that uses "Rockwilda" by Redman and Method Man as their entrance music. Stone is a tall and big man... he's in great shape, very muscular. He has massive arms, and his hair is in cornrows. He is very clean shaven, except for a goatee, and has eerie gray eyes. Stone was born on the mean streets of Chicago, and was honed into a fighting machine there. He has learnt not to trust anybody, and was rightfully feared most of his life for his enormous size. He accidentally fell into wrestling when found in a bar house brawl by a wrestling promoter. He wrestled in many small time federations by himself until he found his soon to be partner Bobby Carlisle. They teamed up and wrestled in many small promotions before they came to the GRW. Stone has an uncontrollable temper that usually gets him into trouble, but he loves trouble, for the fact that he knows that he can usually get out of it. Respescts no one and makes his own rules. Stone uses the "Lets Roll" 180 chokeslam from the top rope as his finisher.

Carlisle is semi-tall, with curly dyed-blonde hair. He has hazel eyes, is built well, and is clean shaven. He has very defined legs used for his high flying, has defined abs and is a handsome man. He was born on the streets of Harlem, but not rugged like most on the street. He is sly and slick... he was brought up in night clubs, with his father being a club promoter. He learnt what was going on in the undertide of Harlem such as number running and other slightly criminal things. Is very well off, but found out at an early age that he could fight so has used it to the best of his ablities. He decided to start wrestling as a hobby, but decided that it was what he wanted to do full-time. Carlisle is basically a conceited arrogant wrestler, and his arrogance sometimes gets him in trouble. He is very confident of his looks and his wrestling ability, is often considered a womanizer by many. Sometimes lets his mouth talk him into more trouble then he can handle, thats where Nykolas Stone steps in. Carlisle talks alot more when Nyk is around, but dont mistake him for weak... he can hold his own. Carlisle uses the "Harlem's Finest" top rope diamond cutter, as his finisher.