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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6' 230lbs; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A heel wrestler who uses "Keep Away" by Godsmack as his entrance music, and uses the "Lights Out" kata-ha-jime submission hold as his finisher. Riddick has short black, spiked hair, and is unshaven. He's very muscular, but not overly huge. Wears dark blue trunks, with "RR" on the back, black kneepads and boots. The boots are outlined in dark blue.

He began training while still in high school, until he reached the age of 18. At that point he moved to North Carolina to further his training. After nearly 12 months of more training, he began wrestling on local indy cards, and eventually signed on with a local promotion. After skipping from promotion to promotion and gaining success as he went, he won his first title in the IWA, it's Television Title, and a month later, won it's Lightweight Title. Went on to win the WIW Internet Title, UCWF Tag Team Titles (2x), and the EWF World Title. Now is 23 years old.