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Georgia Regional Wrestling

1. Language must be appropriate. Please do not not swear excessively. Also, no use of homosexuality as an insult will be allowed. It is ridiculous and unoriginal.

2. This is a role-playing federation, therefore, you must role-play at least once per week, preferably twice a week. Quality is the key to roleplays... they must be written in the GRW standard form, and grammar, puntuation, and spelling DO count! Roleplays are to be e-mailed to the GRW, and will be sent out in roleplay packages to all handlers. Roleplay boards are NOT used in the GRW!

3. This is an "original" federation. Characters based on real wrestlers will NOT be allowed to enter. This also includes any characters who are noticeable rip-offs of real wrestlers... including style, appearance, gimmick, catch phrase, etc. BE ORIGINAL!

4. Matches will be decided by the quality of the role-plays, not by the quantity. The matches will be decided in the opinion of the promoter of the GRW. If you have any questions as to why you have lost or even won your match e-mail the GRW.

5. If for some reason you are going to be gone for a while, please contact the GRW in ample time before the weekly card. If you fail to do so you your wrestler will lose his match.

6. No using other wrestlers and characters without their permission in your role-plays.

7. Most important, this is for everyone's entertainment, so HAVE FUN! Always remember... it's just a game!