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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'6" 265lbs; Atlanta, Georgia

A fan favorite high flyer who uses "No Speak No Slave" by the Black Crowes as his entrance music, and uses the "Dixie Drive" Michinoku driver as his finisher. Lane has a lean, solid build... not overly defined, yet solid as granite. Lane has short-cut sandy hair, and a full, blond goatee. He wears navy blue trunks, which reads "GENTLEMAN" across the back, along with navy blue boots, and maroon knee pads. Lane is straight-forward and deliberate... intensity MUST be his middle name. In the ring, "The Southern Gentleman" is focused, and does not relent until the final bell has rang. Short tempered and fiery, Lane backs down from no challenges.

Tommy Lane was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of GRW Promoter "Bulldog" Bob Lane, who was a legendary Southern wrestler during his career. Lane was born and raised in the business, and respects every aspect of it, and will fight to defend all that is good in the sport. Tommy Lane has held numerous title throughout his career, and has occassionally ventured to other parts of the world... but Lane always winds up returning home to the South.