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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'4" 247lbs; Parts Unknown

A mysterious fan favorite who uses "Hooker With A Penis" by Tool as his entrance music, and uses the "Transfusion" 360 degree twisting pilepriver as his finisher. Tobin has pale skin with an athletic build. His hair is long scraggly and black. His real eye color is unknown as he always wears black contact lenses. He wears baggy martial arts pants- one half red, the other half black with a black belt around his waist. Apart from his taped up toes and ankles, his feet are bare- but still lethal none the less. The most eye catching thing about his appearance is his black face paint- his entire face a dark night shadow black with blood red tears streaming from under his right eye.

No one knows much about this individual. He was the last ever GSPW World Champion, and in GSPW he did pretty much what he pleased- whether it was attacking referees or disapearing into the crowd after matches. He was undefeated and seemed invincible. He has a strong European accent, maybe French or even polish- it is hard to distinguish as he doesn't often speak. Now, as GSPW declined, he contacted Ben Evans and offered him an unrefusable proposition... to be his tag team partner and take on GRW, and to be the best.

Together him and Evans are known as The Powered and Glorious, and they use the "Sweet Supremacy" total elimination (leaping reverse roundhouse kick and a simultaneous diving leg sweep onto the same opponent at the same time) as their tag team finisher. Evans and Tobin watch each others backs... if their partner is being attacked then they will aid their partner as soon as possible. They usually set each other up for a manuever... they are very united and fluid as a team.

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