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Georgia Regional Wrestling

6'2" 255lbs; Birmingham, Engladn

A rulebreaker who uses "Insomnia" by Faithless as his entrance music, and uses the "Swiftness" superkick as his finisher. Wright has short black hair, and a very muscular build, but he is quick and speedy for his build. In the ring he wears red or gold wrestling boots, red or gold tights, on the tights are two red or gold arrows pointing to his boots, on the back of the tights is the word "Swift" this is in red or gold depending on the colour of the tights. He wears white tape around his wrists. When he comes out to the ring he wears a black "Sex & Violence" T- shirt on the back in white letters are "Sex & Violence - You Never Know When!".

Wright is a ring veteran, a former Atlanta City and Georgia State Tag Team Champion, he had a classic all British fued with Neil Finan. Wright is simply a wrestler who doesn't care about anyone. Cocky and arrogant, wright likes to get involved with every situation going! In his head he thinks he's the best.